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Maroon Chronos

Stroller Mosquito Bug Net

Stroller Mosquito Bug Net

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Shield your little one from unwelcome pests with Stroller Mosquito Bug Net. It's made from a durable, ultralight material to form an impenetrable barrier. Universal design fits any type of stroller, with an elasticated edge for a secure fit. Unzip the middle to interact with your baby. Breathable mesh for indoor and outdoor comfort. Keep bugs away and enjoy a peaceful stroll!

  • Easily unzip in the middle and directly interact with your baby
  • Universal design is suitable for all styles of strollers
  • Made of an ultralight, white, durable & long-lasting material
  • Middle zipper opening
  • Suitable for most styles of strollers
  • Expands up to 12 x 15 x 0.5 inches
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